Mouse Toy - M04

Beaver's Wooden Teethers - Mouse Toy

12 / Piece

The Mouse Toy Teether comes to creatively entertain our toddler friends. Mouse Toy is a toy of the natural series of Beaver’s Wooden Toys that comes to cover the chewing needs of your baby. The Mouse Toy is an Eco-friendly and a durable solution during her first months. This wooden teether toy is carefully designed being comfortable to hold it without obstructing chewing activities. Each toy is hand prepared and packed to preserve the highest quality of a finished product. All Beaver's wooden toys have smooth curves and edges for bringing only big smiles and lots of play time for any child! Its dimensions are
M: 8 cm x W: 9,5 cm x H: 1,3 cm.

Age +4 Months Old

100% Natural Product

Sustainable Product

Teether Mouse Toy Specifications

Beaver’s Wooden Teether toys are made from the highest quality natural beech wood. It is tough, durable, safe for your child and the environment. Finally, in this particular series of toys, the wood is not shielded with any varnish. This fact specializes them in cleaning. First rub it with a damp sponge, then with a damp cloth with alcohol and finally wipe it with a dry towel. Do not dip them in water and do not dry them with heat because it will cause cracks. Suitable for children of the age of +4 months old and it contains 1 toy.

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