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About Beaver’s Children Toys

The Beaver’s Wooden Children Toys workshop deals with the design and creation of wooden toys. In Beaver’s Wooden Toys you will find a wide range of toys in a variety of designs, all inspired by its creators. Pioneering design and authenticity combined with the unique aesthetics and the ecological character of toys offer a special entertainment experience.

The idea of creating wooden toys was born not only from our love for the wood as a natural material but also due its lack at toys field today.

At a time where plastic toys have almost flooded the market, the need to bring the wooden toy back to the fore has been an imperative need for us.

The children toys of Beaver’s Wooden Toys appeal not only to children but also to adults, and this is what makes our company unique and special. The timeless value of wood combined with modern design makes Beaver’s Wooden Toys ideal for all ages!

Children Toys - Ξύλινα Παιχνίδια του Κάστορα
Children Toys

Children Toys Safety Standards

Our children toys correspond to all European and American protocols and requirements for toys safety (Directive 88/378 / EWG and 93/68 / EWG) in materials and workmanship. We use only the safest and certified non-toxic paints based on natural ingredients, which meet the European Ecological Safety Protocols of the EU (EN71) and the American standards. Each toy is manually checked to ensure it’s high quality. All our products are designed and manufactured in Athens, Greece.

Learning & Entertainment

Beaver’s Wooden Children Toys help significantly in developing creative and cognitive skills. They excite the child’s imagination and ingenuity. The child is actively involved in assembling, setting up and composing our toys. In this way they remarkably promote perception and learning. Beaver’s Wooden Toys offer contact with a natural material, which in the hands of a child can move, transform and do all that a child’s imagination can do!

Children Toys - Beaver's Wooden Toys
Environmental Consciousness

In addition, the avocation and assembly of wooden toys cultivate family involvement. Parents should help the child discover and gain interest in the toy. Children Toys are important, and they become more important when they contain the ideals and hopes for a better tomorrow.

This means that in addition to entertaining your child, you can also help prevent further environmental degradation. By choosing Beaver’s Wooden Toys, you choose environmentally friendly products made from 100% natural sustainable growth materials.