Frequently Asked Questions

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Beaver's Faqs

The designs of our products are primarily original, manufactured, assembled and packaged entirely in the Beavers Wooden Toys workshop located in Athens. They are channeled to points of sale in Greece and abroad from there.

You can get our toys from our web store as well as from a number of stores that participate in our partner network. You can find them in the Store Locator.

You can make your purchases directly from our web store. You can choose the payment method of your choice:

1. By card (credit or debit)

2. By depositing in our bank account (hyper link with i ban & reasoning order number) or

3. Cash on delivery when you receive them.

For special wholesale orders (large number / custom goods) you can send us an email.

If you feel that our product does not meet your expectations, you have the right to return it to us within 14 days with the retail receipt for a full refund.

Of course! Our toys can be sent all over the world... Shipping cost within Greece is free and if your purchase comes from abroad you can find out about the additional cost in our web store.

For shipping within Greece: 2-3 working days

For shipping abroad: 5-7 working days

Our toys are designed and manufactured according to the European Standards (EN71) for children's toys. The basic material is wood, a completely natural material. Paints and varnishes are made from completely natural raw materials such as linseed oil and orange oil. Finally they completely fulfill the specifications EN 71 1-3 on the safety of paints on toys.

The wood we use for the construction of our toys either comes from arable trees for the purpose of their felling either from sustainable management of the forests which is controlled by the National Forest Service Organizations. Through the sustainable management of forest resources we can ensure the protection and perpetuation of the forests!

For sure! We encourage all our customers to visit our workshop. All you have to do is contact and request a tour of the Beaver's Wooden Toys workshop.