Toucan - LFT 01

Beaver's Baby Walkers - Toucan

28 / Piece

Toucan Kids Walker is a traditional toy that have a long stick that provides solid support and stability in the first steps of our toddler friends. Toucan is an adorable colored bird that moves the feet and your kids will love to hear the flip-flop of our birds leather feet, as they roll. Toucan is a perfect toy for little ones who are finding their feet and ready to explore their surroundings. Toucan is ready running around the house, all while the leather feet hit in the ground. Toucan encouraging your baby to keep moving for all the fun sounds and the optical illusion made with the leather feet! Its dimensions are
M: 60 cm x W: 22 cm x H: 9 cm.

Age +1 Year Old

100% Natural Product

Sustainable Product

Toucan Kids Walker Specifications

These toddler push toys are quality crafted and sanded satin smooth as all Beaver’s wooden toys. Each walker toy is biodegradable and crafted using the finest quality beech wood and pine wood, finished with citrus oil based Eco varnish and non-toxic dyes. Every toy is hand prepared, assembled and packed to preserve the highest quality of all our finished products. Beaver’s Baby Walkers would make the perfect gift for the little ones in your life, making them have many hours of play and imagination. Suitable for children of the age of 1+ years old.

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