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Beaver's Hobbyhorses - Ride toy

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A new craze has taken over our little friends, Hobbyhorsing! Essentially, this is a new form of "riding" where children ride the pole with a wooden animal's head. Seahorse Ride Toy is a perfect toy for little ones who are finding their feet and they are ready to explore their surroundings. These wooden hobbyhorses are sure to be loyal companions with your kids for many years to come. With durability and easy grip, this Ride Toy can be used indoors or outdoors. As they gallop, fantasies are released as children compose different stories and adventures with their beloved friend. Its dimensions are
M: 65 cm x W: 22 cm x H: 10 cm.

Age +2 Years Old

100% Natural Product

Sustainable Product

Seahorse Ride Toy Specifications

These hobbyhorses are quality crafted and sanded satin smooth as all Beaver’s wooden toys. Seahorse Ride Toy is biodegradable and crafted using the finest quality oak wood and pine wood, finished with citrus oil based Eco varnish and non-toxic dyes. Every toy is hand prepared, assembled and packed to preserve the highest quality of a finished product. The size of Beaver’s Hobbyhorses is ideal for both tall and short children. Beaver’s Wooden Hobbyhorses would make the perfect gift for the little ones in your life, making them have many hours of play and imagination. Suitable for children of the age of 2+ years old.

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