Beaver's Ladder Toys

Beaver’s Wooden Toys is excited to offer a completely natural, sustainable and Eco-friendly wooden toy. Beaver’s Ladder Toys is the name for this old, but very unusual wooden toy. It represents a number of rectangular blocks, in a special way connected by a ribbon. Probably no one knows for sure where its homeland is, but everywhere everyone rejoices and admires this toy. The name, of this toy is confidently asserted, was inspired by the account of Jacob’s dream in Genesis. By holding the first wooden block in hand and rotating it from one side and the other, the Beaver’s Ladder Toys begin to unfold offering a magical visual trick. There are several color variations of this product. We prefer 6 blocks, because it allows you to make a truly magical transformation!

Ladder Toys - Παιδί - Beaver's Ladder Toy

Beaver’s Ladder Toy

1 Piece

€ 12.00

Ladder Toys - Παιδί - Beaver's Ladder Toy

Beaver's Ladder Toys Specifications

Our toy is made of high-quality oak wood, multicolored cotton tapes. For packaging we use recycled paper and non toxic ink. Beaver’s Ladder Toys develop motility, fantasy and observation. These toys have been redefined as a “sensory” or “fidget” toy that can help relax and focus autistic children. It is also recommended as a good distraction for small, restless travelers or pupils having trouble sitting still.

Each toy is hand prepared, assembled and packed to preserve the highest quality of a finished product. All Beaver’s wooden toys have smooth curves and no sharp edges so that they bring only big smiles and lots of play time for any child! Beaver’s Ladder Toy would make the perfect gift for the little ones in your life, making them have many hours of play and imagination. Suitable for children of the age of 3+ years old.