Wooden Kids Blocks - WB 010

Beaver's Wooden Kids Blocks

31 / Toy Set

Beaver’s Wooden Kids Blocks are one of the most basic and classic toys that develop children's skills in composition, stacking and matching, while favoring visual-tactile coordination and visual-spatial perception. The package contains 37 pieces in 14 different shapes and 4 different colors. Kids Blocks are organic and Eco friendly toy set from sustainable poplar wood. As your baby develops motor skills, they need a fun and safe way to learn about touch, stacking, balancing, building, and color. The Beaver’s Wooden Kids Blocks set is perfect for your child’s small grip. Finished with a non-toxic, full certificated paint for children toys. We know toddlers are going to put the blocks in their mouth, and this is perfectly safe. Its dimensions are M: 25 cm x W: 25 cm x H: 7 cm.

Age +1 Year Old

100% Natural Product

Sustainable Product

Wooden Kids Blocks Specifications

The wide variety of 14 different shapes, colours and sizes helps this block set grow with a child’s ability. This wooden toy set is a beautiful beginning to a wonderful set of building blocks with interesting pieces to keep children of all ages active with imaginative play for hours. Thanks to our precise unit geometry, as your builder gets older, these blocks will work seamlessly with all other blocks and expansion sets from Beaver’s Wooden Toys. These blocks will be heirlooms, lasting for generations to come.

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