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Cow Toy - Duckow - A 100

Beaver's Wooden Animals - Cow Toy

22 / Piece

Beaver's Wooden Toys is excited to offer a line of completely natural and Eco-friendly wooden animal toys. Cow Toy of Beaver’s Wooden Animals intend to stimulate imagination and the interaction with the sense of transformation. Designed in an abstract way, Cow Toy let the kids’ and adults’ imagination run wild. When each toy’s limbs are rotated, the forms created appeal to two or more animals of our planet’s fauna. Thus, they get the kid actively implicated in the knowledge of the biodiversity. At first, it looks like a Cow Toy. By rotating its legs, it is transformed into a Duck Toy. Its dimensions are
M: 15 cm x W: 6 cm x H: 10 cm.

Age +3 Years Old

100% Natural Product

Sustainable Product

Cow Toy Specifications

Duckow toy is crafted using the finest quality beech wood, finished with citrus oil based Eco varnish certificated for children toys use and non-toxic dyes. Every toy is hand prepared, assembled and packed to preserve the highest quality of a finished product. All Beaver’s wooden toys have smooth curves and no sharp edges so that they bring only big smiles and lots of play time for any child! Suitable for children of the age of 3+ years old. The toy packaging dimensions are 17 cm x 14 cm x 7.5 cm and it contains 1 toy.

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