Board Toys - Tower of Babel - BT 010

Beaver's Board Toys

23 / Piece

Test your architectural skill by playing this classic construction game with friends and family. The Babel Tower board game is a game of skill and strategy. Babel Tower Board Toys challenges players to remove the blocks one by one and place them at the top of the tower. As the game progresses, the construction becomes weaker and weaker until an unlucky player removes a key block and the tower tumbles down. First, stack the wooden blocks to build a tower. Then move alternately, taking one block per round from any level of the tower, placing it at the highest level. The game ends when the tower falls completely or if some part of the tower falls. Its dimensions are M: 7,5 cm x W: 7,5 cm x H: 30 cm.

Age +6 Years Old

100% Natural Product

Sustainable Product

Babel Tower Board Toys Specifications

Beaver’s Babel Tower board toys are made from the highest quality natural poplar wood. It is tough, durable, safe for your child and the environment. Finally, in this particular series of toys, the wood is shielded with citrus oil based Eco varnish. Do not dip them in water and do not dry them with heat because it will cause cracks. These board toys are perfect for children over 6 years old and adults. This tower game contains 54 wooden blocks that form an 18 floors tower.

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