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C050 G

C050 C

4 x 4 - C 050

Beaver's Wooden Cars - 4 x 4

17 / Piece

Beaver’s Wooden Cars is a series of wooden toys that motivate kids to develop both the touch and hearing senses and to better seize colors and patterns. They are wonderful toys to inspire little minds, encourage role play and help develop communication skills. 4 x 4 Toy is one of the wooden cars that through creative play pushes the child to develop senses such as touch and hearing and to understand concepts such as colors and shapes. 4 x 4 Toy is a classic model ready to excite but also to travel our young and old friends on every journey of their imagination. Its dimensions are M: 15 cm x W: 6 cm x H: 7 cm.

Age +2 Years Old

100% Natural Product

Sustainable Product

Race Car Toy Specifications

A variety of colorings are ready to fascinate kids and adults. Each toy is crafted using the finest quality poplar wood and beech wood, finished with orange oil based eco varnish certificated for children toys use and non-toxic dyes.

Beaver’s Wooden Cars are carefully designed being comfortable for your child’s hand. Each toy is hand prepared, assembled and packed to preserve the highest quality of a finished product. Suitable for children of the age of 2+. The packaging dimensions are 17 cm x 6.5 cm x 7.5 cm and it contains 1 toy.

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